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Darrin Siefken


CrawDaddy Outdoors’ owner, Darrin Siefken, has over 30 years of outdoor skills and leadership experience. Darrin has been actively involved in Scouting. These experiences have led him through his education and his job experiences over the past 25 years. He has extensive trip experience, and backpacking, canoeing, and kayaking have taken him to BWCA, Lake Superior, Smoky Mountain National Park, Isle Royale, Pictured Rocks, Apostle Islands, Porcupine Mountains and Colorado.

Janeen Siefken


Janeen enjoys the outdoors – whether it is kayaking, canoeing, hiking or cross-country skiing. She has been to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Porcupine Mountains, Apostle Islands, Colorado Rockies and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Janeen’s favorite outdoor destination is the North Shore of Lake Superior.

Ellie Neuendorf

Outdoor Enthusiast

Ellie has been working at CrawDaddy's since 2019 and will be a sophomore at the University of Iowa. She still works at CrawDaddy's over the breaks. She enjoys paddle boarding, spelunking, and biking. She has two paddleboards of her own which she will brag about often, as one of them was used in the filming of the movie Baywatch.

Peter Hoffman

Outdoor Enthusiast

Peter is one of our previous staff members that decided to come back from Colorado and work here again because he missed us so much. He also works full-time at SingleSpeed Brewing in Cedar Falls and Waterloo, but catch him at CrawDaddy Outdoors on the occasional Saturday. He enjoys stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, and biking. Peter would also argue that his dog, Macy May, is the cutest, and she joins him on all of his outdoor endeavors. 

Kelby Aissen

Outdoor Enthusiast

Kelby has been working at CrawDaddy's since 2021 and will be a junior at Waverly-Shell Rock high school. He enjoys all things outdoors, from kayaking, hunting, and fishing, to backpack running and hiking. Ask him about his dogs, they're all he talks about. Him and Lucas like to argue about who's dogs are more cute. He also has some pretty good dad jokes if you ever need some ideas.

Alisha Kapparos

Outdoor Enthusiast

Alisha has been working at CrawDaddy's since 2021. She enjoys all things outdoors, but most often, you'll find her wandering in the woods. Basically everything she does, she'll do it outside! She's also our store's designated plant caretaker. Ask her about what countries she's done yoga poses in. 

Melisa Reilly

Outdoor Enthusiast

Melisa has been working here since the beginning of June 2022 and is a science teacher locally. She enjoys hiking, camping, kayaking, and biking, and you might find her hiking the trails around Hartman Reserve and George Wyth State Park. 

Ian Gritters

Outdoor Enthusiast

Ian has been working at CrawDaddy's since the end of June 2022. He's going to be a junior at Waverly-Shell Rock high school this year. He enjoys kayaking, hiking, and boating.

Lucas Lalk

Outdoor Enthusiast

Lucas has been working at CrawDaddy's since 2021 and will be a junior at Waverly-Shell Rock high school. He enjoys camping, dirt-biking, surfing, and fishing, but he also spends lots of time just swimming around the river. Ask Lucas and Kelby about their dogs, they'll get into an argument about which ones are more cute. You'll get to see some cute dog pictures, though.

Annette Wittrock

Outdoor Enthusiast

Annette has been working at CrawDaddy's since the beginning of 2022. She's a naturalist for Butler County, but she gets the chance to work at CrawDaddy Outdoors on the occasional Saturday. She enjoys traveling to and hiking national parks, kayaking, fishing, and anything that gets her outside. She is also a triathlete and has hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu! Her job as a naturalist lets her take others outdoors to show them the things she finds so fascinating and enjoyable.

Abriel Dixon

Outdoor Enthusiast

Abriel is our newest employee here at CrawDaddy Outdoors. She's a southern-Iowa native and Wartburg grad who lived and worked in a variety of National Parks for 14 years before moving to Waverly in 2014. She loves hiking, kayaking, and sitting in the solitude of the outdoors.